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So Who's the Schedule Maker Anyway?


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With Single draw tickets going on sale Thursday, November 15 at 10 am PT, YOU are in charge of the schedule.  It’s not about when the draws are happening, but more about, when you’re available to attend.


Maybe you’re in Vegas for other reasons and only want to go to a couple of draws?  Maybe you have plans to play all day and only watch curling at night?  Maybe it’s curling in the morning and golfing in the afternoon?  Maybe you want to watch Mixed doubles for the first time, or too check out the exciting new Team Scramble format?


Whatever your reasons, you can simply select the draws you want to attend by clicking HERE.


To review the draw schedule, CLICK HERE.


“The entertainment capital of the world draws people from all walks of life, for a variety of reasons”, said Jon Killoran event manager and CEO of the Reno Tahoe Winter Games Coalition.  “With the excitement of USA winning gold at the Olympics still fresh in a lot of people’s minds, we want to make sure they know that world class curling is back in Vegas, that Team John Shuster is a part of the show and it only takes a few hours of their time to check it out”.


The World Financial Group Continental Cup will be held January 17-20 at the renowned Orleans Arena in Las Vegas.  The event is owned by Curling Canada and is being operated through a business arrangement with USA Curling and the Reno Tahoe Winter Games Coalition.

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