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A proud day for Alberta at the World Men’s.


The last player to skip a team to the World Men’s Curling Championship on U.S. soil has chosen to receive his induction to the World Curling Hall of Fame in another U.S. city that is becoming the hotbed for international curling championships.


Prior to the start of the afternoon draw on Tuesday, April 3 at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Alberta’s legendary Kevin Martin will be named to the Hall of Fame, in front of thousands of adoring fans who have followed his illustrious career, that has spanned three decades.


He is without question, one of the world's most recognizable curlers. An Olympic gold medalist in Vancouver 2010, he was the first Canadian curler to represent Canada at more than one Olympic Winter Games, having also competed at the 1992 Albertville, France Olympics where curling was a demonstration sport, and at the 2002 Salt Lake City Games where he took home the silver medal.


His world championship victory came in Grand Forks ND in 2008.  In addition, he won World Men’s silver medals in Moncton NB in 2009 and Winnipeg MB in 1991. Martin won silver at the World Junior Curling Championship in Dartmouth NS in 1986. Between then and his retirement,, he led his teams to an impressive total of 18 grand slam titles on the World Curling Tour circuit.


“For Kevin Martin to choose to have his induction ceremony at our event here in Las Vegas, we take that as a tremendous compliment and honor”, said Jon Killoran, event manager.  ”Alberta curling fans have always been big in voice and numbers at our previous events and this will be an extra big reason for them to enjoy their time with us”.


The Tuesday afternoon draw includes match-ups between Canada-Japan and USA-Sweden, so plenty will be on the line, and Martin’s induction ceremony adds even more excitement and value to what is already a great ticket.


Tickets for the World Men’s are priced from just $25 for single draw and 4 day mini packs start at $199.  All tickets can be purchased at the Orleans Arena Box Office, or online at

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