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Steps to Order Online

  1. On ticket page, click on the (GO here for tickets) icon next to Stage One info

  2. On the Ticketmaster order page, enter the promo code CURL19 in the “Offer Code” box

  3. Then select either “Choose Your  Own Seats” or let the system do it for you

  4. If you pick “Choose Your Own Seats”, click a Section and choose from available seats (indicated by blue highlight).

  5. Once you have selected all the seats you want (maximum of ten per order) click on the “Buy Tickets” icon at the bottom right of the screen

  6. At this point you will be asked “I am Not A Robot”.  Click on the box and then follow the visual prompt to prove you are not a robot….GOOD LUCK!!!

  7. Once successful, the next page will confirm your ticket location, prices and service fees. If you are just buying Old Classic tickets, click on “Continue” in the lower right of the page.  If you are intending to purchase as part of a Hit & Stay package, go to the part of the page asking how many room tickets you want to purchase.  Choose one ticket per room needed (maximum of five per order) and then click on “Continue” in the lower right.

  8. On the next page, you will be asked for your ticket delivery preference.  Choose the country you are from, (USA, Canada or other).  At this time, only “Will Call” is an available preference.  This may change at a later date, at the time the number of draws is announced by the World Curling Federation.  Click on “Continue” at the bottom right of the page

  9. From this point follow the payment prompts on the next page to complete your purchase

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