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Fourteenth team to be added to World Men’s in Las Vegas?

If the 2018 World Men’s Curling Championship was to be played out on social media, that is surely a headline that would please the masses.  And if social media enthusiasts had their way, that dream team would shape up along the lines of Mr. T at lead, JJ Watt playing second, with Steph Curry at third, and none other than veteran USA curling fifth player, Vernon Davis, throwing skip stones.


Over the course of the past several months and weeks, all of these high-profile sports stars and celebrities have expressed their passion for the cool, roaring game that’s played on ice, hitting a feverish pitch during the Olympic Winter Games.  Here are just a few examples that demonstrate how curling has captured the imagination of the entire nation.

Social media activity during the Winter Games that has involved curling, is truly over the top, and a big reason why local ticket sales for the 2018 World Men’s Curling Championship at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas are on the rise.  In the words of Mr. T., #CurlingIsCoolFool and it’s clear that sports fans are ready for the live curling experience.


“It’s no secret we chose to host the world men’s championship in an Olympic year for a good reason”, said Jon Killoran, Event Manager.  “Interest in this sport within the US has been trending positively upward for the past four quadrennials of the Olympics.  What better place than the entertainment capital of the world to keep the celebration going.”


Tickets for the 2018 World Men’s are priced from just $25 and available at the Orleans Arena Box office, or online at

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