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You take the crown jewel of the international sport of curling to a city of flashing neon lights, in the middle of an expansive desert?  And you expect normal?


Not a chance!  From the moment rumors surfaced that the world men’s curling championship might be going to Las Vegas, the curling world knew it would be in for something different. 


And different it is…with the traditional watering hole, known as The Patch, being located poolside at the Orleans Hotel and Casino.  And get this…being hosted on opening day by a world champion curler who isn’t even competing at this year’s event.  Folks, let’s hear it for the one and only…Christoffer Svae! 


How about a Grand March, featuring all thirteen countries and their fans making their way, en masse, to the Orleans Arena for Opening Ceremonies!  How about a Pep Rally prior to the first draw to get fans comfortably jacked for the next nine days!  How about taking time between draws to visit red Rock Canyon, the Grand Canyon and world class golf courses…or just hang poolside and get the summer tan into hurry hard mode!


And then…there’s the possibility of a new world record being set…in the seats!  More specifically…”more USA fans than Canadian fans, for the first time ever in a world championship arena”.  It just might happen.


If you’re the kind of sports fan who likes to be part of generational events, you just might want to check yourself in to the Curling Oasis, that is Las Vegas.


There’s still time.  There’s still tickets.  And there’s history threatening to be made.


The 361° World Men’s Curling Championship, March 31 to April 8.  Thanks in advance, for making this a world championship to remember!

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