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In the past month, curling has been making a lot of noise across the USA, but perhaps nothing more significant, that Team John Shuster ringing the bell to open the New York Stock Exchange on Friday morning. 


A scant year ago, nobody in their wildest dreams would have predicted the meteoric rise that the sport has experienced since Shuster and his team won the Oympic gold medal for men’s curling.  .From New York to Las Vegas, curling is ringing a lot of bells, social media continues to explode and learn-to-curl programs are selling out everywhere.


No doubt, the curling dream is now an exciting reality.  And the biggest excitement of all?  Most of America has never experienced the game as a live spectator sport.  That will all change for thousands of curious curling fans when the World Men’s Curling Championship rolls out of the hacks at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas just four short weeks from now.


According to Jon Killoran, event manager, the enthusiasm continues to grow.  “There was the collective, coast-to-coast celebration of  the U.S. winning gold, then all the publicity associated with the Tonight Show, the Today Show, the stock exchange…curling is solidly in America’s limelight and we are fortunate to have our event in a city of over two million people, many of whom are ardent sports fans.  We’re seeing it at the box office every day now”.


Tickets for the World Men’s are priced from just $25 for single draw with 4 day mini packs starting at $199.  All tickets can be purchased at the Orleans Arena Box Office, or online at


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